The small road bike style "Pro Sizer"
Custom Tandem
Small Touring Bike
Tall Road Bike

An e mail from a customer with movie:

     After two days commuting to work and back on the new bike, I
am still amazed at how much of an improvement it is over the bikes
I was using before.
And it's a completely different experience because of the higher-
profile riding posture -- along with the attention-getting flourescent
yellow-green paint! 
In fact you'll notice in one of the pictures that the level of my head
is actually higher than the top of a minivan parked in the right of the
frame, and in fact I have a higher profile on the road than any truck
or SUV I have encountered so far. 
This can only be safer, and it's certainly much more comfortable.
I just wanted to say many thanks again to all of you for putting me
together with this fantastic new ride, which has finally recaptured
for me the experience of enthusiastic bike-riding that I last had as a
(which was the last time I had a bike that actually fit me -- until now). 
I look forward to many years of such experiences.
      David Hand


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