We have moved to 2021 Alaska Packer Place #107 Alameda



Custom Bicycle Frames Made Of Steel

We can usually build my clients a made

to measure, custom painted frame

eight weeks or so.

Why accept a lousy fit based on best guesses?

Do you live in, or visit Northern California?

Need a special size frame?

Visit us in Alameda, California for pro-sizer rideable sizing tests

 that remove all doubt about what

combination of lengths, angles, and stem feel best

We make a full sized drawing for each frame

so my client can see and approve every detail

All frames are made of the finest steel tubing available

Road, Mountain, Tandems, Dimensional reproductions

A succession of widely varying sizes of riders

 have visited my workshop since 1974

We build specially suited frames for the

 tallest, smallest, heaviest, and lightest people

No need to worry about whether the frame we have designed

will be right for you, real pro-sizer test rides provide proof

We know it is right before I make the drawing


For More Information

Please Call Me

At (510) 521-9727

E Mail:

(Please Include A Daytime Phone Number In E Mail

If You Want Me To Contact You)

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Custom Paint Jobs Available In  Powder Coat Finishes

Powder coat $175